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Tata Motors Genuine Accessories brings you an exclusive range of accessories to enhance the look and comfort of your vehicle. Our line of accessories also allows you to add additional utilities, safety and security systems and make your driving experience convenient and safe for you and your co-passengers.

Sourced from partners across the globe our stylish and innovative accessories are designed to be compatible with all Tata vehicles. Our range of car infotainment and security systems can be added to your vehicle without modifications and no damage to the warranty of the vehicles.


Tata Motors Genuine Accessories are designed keeping in mind the vehicle specifications, weight and critical functional parameters to ensure that they do not compromise on the safety of our vehicles. Body kits from Tata Motors Genuine Accessories fit on to the vehicle easily and do not require any structural alterations.


Accessories that have undergone stringent validation process.

Enjoy a pan-India warranty.

Competitively priced to suit a range of taste and preferences.

Our dealer personnel are trained to carry out fitment of accessories without damaging the vehicle design and the original manufacturer fitted systems.

To know more about the range of accessories available from Tata Motors Genuine Accessories visit your nearest dealership or preview the same online on our product websites.

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